How Can You Impact Media for the Kingdom of God? Start Here

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We are in an information war, and the increase of technology has made this a techno-war. A war is underway, but many do not know that it is a war of propaganda to steal our freedoms and move us toward the New World Order. Our ideas, discussions, and even our faith have been censored and shadow banned by social media companies. Inherent in this power to silence is the power to utilize strong messaging to feed appetites, change values, and explore new ideas about sexuality, family, marriage, and especially to impact children. The media’s goal is to get us all to think like they do and embrace all of the values and causes that violate the Word of God.

With respect to children, the gaming industry is perhaps the most dangerous form of media because of the lifelike interactions with sex and violence by the player. The recently launched Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg’s new empire, is taking role-play to a new level where its users create avatars with the ability to assault, rape, and do whatever they want in virtual spaces without consequences. What would have been considered in years past as hard-core pornography is now marketed to youth.

This strongly plays into the family failure in culture. Our children become the images they behold. There is a spirit/soul (mind, will, and emotions) connection to the body. Our minds can be tricked into believing propaganda, and it will have a brainwashing effect on our lives, health, and our children. Engaging in immoral behavior, whether with an avatar or in real life, creates brokenness and addictions.

How can you fight like heaven against this? 

#1 Spiritual Warfare and Strategic Prayer:

  • Take authority over and bind the prince of the air from operating in our media, and loose truth, wisdom, righteousness, and justice into our airwaves.
  • Proclaim that Kingdom men and women will be raised up in all media outlets and have influence that will supersede that of the enemy.
  • Declare that men and women of God would be free from censorship and exclusion from social media and that the Gospel would be shared boldly and unhindered.
  • Pray that the media’s fruitless deeds of darkness will be exposed.
  • Pray that Christians will stand up against ungodly media with their voices and their dollars.
  • Declare that social media outlets would be subject to legal standards in accordance with the First Amendment while protecting children from inappropriate and ungodly content.

#2 Personal Strategies

  • Lay down media and entertainment at the altar. Spend quality, uninterrupted, focused time with God, seeking His presence with your whole heart and meditating on His Word. This divine communion will bring you, among other things, joy, nourishment, protection, strength, wisdom, and discernment. The things of this world cannot compare.
  • Get your news somewhere besides the mainstream media, which is now completely left stream. 
  • Boycott and redirect your consumption of ungodly media and organizations that support conservative censorship and globalists’ ideologies.
  • As King David, commit to “set no worthless thing before [your] eyes,” including television, social media, and film. Ask yourself, “If I wouldn’t allow my children to watch it, why am I watching it?”
  • Be vigilant about the gaming and media to which your kids are exposed. There is no such thing as a 100% effective “parental control” other than your own eyes and ears. Most often, a technology parental control will alert you after the damage is already done. And a child can easily search for “ways to get around parental controls.” While TikTok,

Facebook, and Instagram are rated 12+, there is no limit to the vulgarity and ungodly content posted by users.

  • Commit to getting off your phone, iPad, and TV screen and spending more time with your family outdoors, seeking adventure, and creating memories.

This blog was excerpted from A Call to Arms: Your Quick Start to Fight Like Heaven

Download your copy here.

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