It’s Time for Mamas to Get Mean: How to Rescue Your Child from the Lies of Transgenderism.

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“Mom, the counselors thought you were mean, and I did, too, at the time, but I am so glad you were mean! Thank you for being mean, Mama. I’m not trans; I still like boys. I was just afraid and hurt.” 

This is the response of a girl who, having suffered sexual abuse at the hands of two different men and whose father had recently died, was told by a psychologist that her real problem was that she was transexual and in the wrong body. Thankfully, her mother had the courage to confront this “counselor,” who admitted that the child had not healed from her multiple traumas. When the mom asked the psychiatrist how she could “possibly determine that [her daughter] could make such a life-altering decision in a state of depression and pain,” the counselor was speechless. Once the mom pulled her daughter from “therapy,” her daughter rededicated her life to Christ.

While I was personally privy to this story, there are many others just like it. Erin Friday, an attorney and mother who ultimately founded a parents’ advocacy group, publicly recounted her daughter’s horrific story. Erin’s 11-year-old daughter’s seventh grade curriculum included a comprehensive sex-ed class featuring the Genderbread curriculum and pictorials depicting a female body with a boy brain. Instructors distributed a worksheet with many kinds of gender identities associated with fun names from which students choose to identify. Erin overheard her daughter and a few friends talking about which “fun” identity they were going to choose. It was clear that it was “not cool to be a boring, white girl,” as none of them chose it. 

Influenced by this blatant agenda, Erin’s daughter first chose to be pansexual, followed by lesbian, and landed on being transgender for a year and a half. Erin thought they had been engaged parents. Checking their daughter’s social accounts, she found that her daughter had fake shadow accounts where she had a trans identity. Erin then discovered that the public school had changed her daughter’s name to a male name on class rolls and transcripts and now used male pronouns to address her daughter. 

Her daughter’s mental health severely plummeted. After her daughter came out with a new name and gender, she battled depression and took on a new “mean” personality as well. Erin pulled her daughter from the school and quickly engaged a psychologist, who turned out to be a “gender-affirming” therapist who told Erin and her husband they needed to acknowledge her daughter’s new identity or Erin would commit suicide. 

Rather than succumbing to the fear tactics of the therapist, Erin decided to do everything she could to rescue her daughter from these lies. Erin said, “I decided to set boundaries, and I was not going to let those boundaries be crossed. I took her phone. Your child will hate you, but your love for your child has to be strong enough to take their vitriol. There were nights I cried myself to sleep, and some days, I didn’t get out of bed after my daughter told me I was mean or she hated me. But now, there is not a day that goes by that my daughter doesn’t say she loves me and thanks me. You can take the hate when you know what the end will be.” 

If you have the slightest inkling that your child is suffering from gender confusion, dysphoria, homosexuality, or any identity contrary to what the Bible says, you must take immediate action! Don’t wait for something bad to happen. 

What are things you can do as a parent when your child  has bought into the  lies about their biology and gender identity? Take the phone, drop the friends, pull them out of school, and get them away from people who try to tell them they’re transgender. Make it clear to your child: Your parents who love you do not believe that God made a mistake when He created you as you are. Most of all, reintroduce your child to Jesus, read the Scriptures with them (including God’s commands about homosexuality and sexual purity), pray with them, show them what it means to love and worship God. If you are considering counseling for your child, make sure that they are not only Christian but also that their theologies and beliefs completely align with yours. 

It is obviously better to be proactive to prevent these twisted ideologies about gender from ever taking root in the first place. Erin identified the following powerful, preventative measures: Know the curriculum your child is assigned; know their teachers, and look for pride flags and gender fluidity books; if anything alarms you, pull your kid out of the environment immediately; be present for class read-alouds and library story hours; go to school board meetings; reinforce the truth of two sexes and genders at home, and give them responses to say when they are asked about pronouns; never allow your kids to take school’s medical surveys; read all their assignments;  make sure your child uses a device such as a Gabb or Pinwheel phone with no Internet connection; and beware of social media.

As Erin said, “If I can’t stand up for children, I have no morals. They can’t cancel us all. All of us must do something.” You are completely responsible for your child, and no government official, psychologist, or medical professional has the authority to take your rights to protect and train him or her. This is a God-given call and responsibility that you must take seriously by vehemently protecting them and standing up to any force that would dare violate their purity, identity, and belief system. Be mean, mamas and papas! Your child will love you for it.


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