Robin Bullock’s Prophecy for 2023 and Beyond: Resist the Seed of the Serpent!

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If you have read my best-selling book, Fight Like Heaven! A Cultural Guide to Living on Guard, or tuned in to my YouTube Channel, Drenda on Guard, you know we are at war—a seed war!

Prophet Robin D. Bullock (“Robin”) and his wife, Pastor Robin Bullock (“Pastor Bullock), recently joined me on my show where we discussed this seed war and how it fits into prophecy for 2023 and beyond.

What is the seed war?

Recall God’s first prophecy to Satan, just after the fall of man: “Because you have done this, … I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.

This declaration that the woman’s seed would “crush” the head of the serpent, Satan, has been fulfilled through the triumph of Jesus Christ. But what about the seed of “that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan?” Knowing that Jesus has already “disarmed the powers and authorities” by the cross, is this prophecy still relevant for the church? Robin, Pastor Bullock, and I agree—YES!

Where did the serpent’s seed come from?

Robin traced the origins of the serpent’s seed to Isaiah 14:13-14, where Lucifer sowed a seed for himself, an angel, to become a man by declaring, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God … I will be like the Most High. Lucifer, full of jealousy and rebellion, wanted to be like man, made in the likeness and image of God with dominion authority, even to have “eyebrows, back, and hide.” As Robin explained, because this was Satan’s “anointed seed through song, it must come to pass.” 

How has the seed of the serpent manifested in the earth, and what is Satan’s endgame?

We saw the first manifestation of the serpent’s seed through the Nephilim of Genesis 6 for which God sent the flood, as I discussed in Fight Like Heaven! But the serpent’s seed exists to this day.

According to Robin, the serpent’s seed is now on the earth by “the collective of man’s imagination,” referenced in Genesis 8:21—government!

This is unfolding before our very eyes! As I detail in Fight Like Heaven!, nations are converging toward a “New World Order,” which is nothing but a doomed counterfeit to the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ! At the helm is the World Economic Forum (“WEF”), pushing agendas that include ESG, international digital currency, and a transhumanist agenda to modify a person’s DNA through “genetic editing” and “hacking.” The United States government now promotes the drug, remdesivir, which has enzymes found in snake venom, to treat COVID-19! You can’t make this up!

Just recently, French President Macron called for “a single global order” at the 2022 G20 Bali Summit where the plan for worldwide digital vaccine passports was announced for “future pandemics.” Around the same time, in an act of sheer mockery, religious leaders from around the world just met on Mount Sinai to receive and smash the “Climate Justice Ten Commandments,” hold “Climate Repentance Ceremonies,” and “put forth a prophetic interreligious call to action!” The seed of the serpent is here!

Through the Nephilim, Satan’s scheme was to genetically defile or annihilate woman’s seed to thwart the crushing of his head by the Messiah. Now that Satan has already been defeated, his aim is to literally take the body of Christ out, reveal the Antichrist and, however futilely, delay his ultimate demise. Not on my watch!

We are called to repent and resist!

Now, more than ever, the church needs to stand between the seed of woman and the serpent’s seed and resist! And it must begin in the pulpit. Done are the days of compromising the Gospel, embracing the world’s agendas, and tickling ears! Instead, pastors must rebuke sin, preach the Word, make way for the prophetic, and “quench not the Spirit!” For many church leaders, this is His last warning.

Every believer must also resist the serpent’s seed in his or her own life, occupy until He comes, and push back the enemy on every front! You have a single choice in this hour: Deny the Lord and harden your heart like Judas, or repent like Peter and let God use you for such a time as this! As Robin so perfectly articulated, “The church that resists is the victorious church in their time!”

Please make sure to watch my three-part interview with Robin and Pastor Bullock, and learn how you can resist the seed of the serpent in 2023 and beyond!

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