Your Children Will Become Like Their Teacher: Why Public School Is No Longer an Option

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For every parent, teacher and child, August marks the end of summer and the start of back to school. While this season can spark fond memories of school shopping, football games, and reuniting with friends, it may also lead parents to thoughtfully consider the words of Jesus: “Everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.” 1

I hope it does.

For those of you whose children are enrolled in public school, I write this to you in love: You must face the fact that education has been seized by anti-God, anti-family ideologies and used to indoctrinate children. It is time to ask yourself: “Do I want my child to become like his or her teacher with values that are antagonistic to the Bible? Or do I want to be the primary teacher and influencer over my child’s life?” It’s your decision alone.

Pure and simple, school is no longer about reading, writing, and arithmetic but social engineering and political agendas. While public schools have been teaching our children numerous ungodly doctrines for decades, e.g, that our ancestors crawled out of the swamp and we evolved from apes, they are now pushing the once-unimaginable on our children—sexuality and gender identity on five-year-olds! Children today are being exposed to drag queen story hour, ideologies advocating that sex is “assigned” at birth and not God-ordained, and lessons adding terms like trans, genderqueer, non-binary, and gender fluid to kindergarteners’ vocabularies. 2

For those children who eventually believe the lie that they were born in the wrong body, teachers unions and school administrators have been trained to conceal their “social transition” from their parents. As of March 2023, nearly 6,000 public schools nationwide have rules that forbid faculty and staff from disclosing a student’s gender status to parents without the student’s permission. 3 President Biden’s proposed new Title IX regulations would impose these rules on the books of all public education institutions nationwide. 4

Even in a conservative state like Ohio where I live, public schools allow trans students to enter bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers designated for the opposite sex. Biological males who “self-identify” as female can now compete in girls’ sports.

While many secular parents have been conditioned that it’s normal to offer their children this ungodly educational brainwashing, how can we as Chrisitians? Too many times to count, I have heard parents claim that they put their kids in public schools to be “salt and light” in darkness. We are in a cultural and spiritual war. You don’t send children into battle!

Christian parents then act shocked when their children reject God; but what can they expect when they’ve turned their children over to be raised by the world? They have become like their teacher as Jesus warned.

Sadly, the public school system as it exists today can no longer be the method of choice to educate children. Christian schools or home education are no longer just optional— the risks are too great. All parents, single or married, poor or rich or somewhere in between, have been given the same trust to train their children in the way they should go.

So then, if your kids are already enrolled in public school this summer, what do you do?

  • Get before the Lord and ask Him how to train up your children in the way they should go in the area of their education.
  • Know that if you disobey the call, there will be consequences that are greater than the price you would have paid to home educate or send your children to a Christian school.
  • Research homeschooling in your state; is a great place to start. While every parent I’ve ever spoken to (including myself) has questioned her/his ability to homeschool, you can do it. I believe in you!
  • If you are a single parent or believe that your family requires a double income at this time, look into a career or job change that will allow you to work from home to facilitate homeschooling.
  • If you’re interested in and/or have children already attending a Christian school, you must be vigilant about who is teaching your kids and what is being taught. You must be very engaged. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The stakes of the spiritual battle we find ourselves in are our hearts, souls, and the very lives of our children and the next generation. Who’s influencing the next generation? As parents, it should be us. It is our responsibility to protect them spiritually and emotionally, to teach them the truth of the Word of God and the principles of His Kingdom, to empower them to discover their unique identities as children of God, and to equip them to glorify Him in everything they do.

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