Feeling Out of Balance? How to Reset — Part One

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How many things are you juggling in your life right now?

What pressures and demands are weighing on you?

We live in a fast-paced, high-demand world. Pressure has become a normal way of life. If we aren’t careful, we can be busy ALL of the time.

I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of running through life trying to manage priorities. I’ve found myself exhausted by all of the things calling for my attention on more than one occasion.

When Gary and I first started television ministry, we had also just made a commitment to a huge building project for our growing ministry. Even though our church jumped on board to help us carry out the project, we personally felt the immense pressure of making this commitment and seeing it through. At the same time, God spoke to us about starting a television program and confirmed it in so many ways that we didn’t dare say no.

But we had very little knowledge about television, let alone experience, and we dealt with some complicated issues. We were being pressed on all sides. Finally, we could take no more. Even though we were willing to stay the course, we needed a break to hear God’s voice. So, on the spur of the moment after a Sunday service, we jumped in the van with our family and headed west.

The drive was a welcome break from the demands and pressures weighing on us. But the best part was that, as we camped and reconnected for three days as a family, we were able to be in a quiet place of prayer, and spend time with God.

Sometimes the demands are so great in our lives that we need to physically get away in order to get in a quiet place of prayer and spend intimate time with God.

But getting away doesn’t have to mean at a campground in the mountains. As a busy mom, I’ve hidden under the covers in my bed and in the bathroom many times in order to spend a few quiet minutes with God and His Word.

Jesus taught his disciples how important it was to pull away to a quiet place to seek God and be renewed. In Mark 6, the disciples gathered around Jesus and told Him the things they had done and taught, and Jesus said, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest for awhile.”

*We were designed to live out of our spirit, and we were created with the desire for intimacy with God. *Oftentimes, it’s difficult in today’s world of instant-everything and quick fixes to find a quiet place and be still with God, but we have to.

Drawing life-giving nourishment from Him and His Word must be our priority each day.

Everything good that has happened in my life is a result of prayer and quiet time with God.

As you pray, ask God to show you how to manage your priorities and those of your family as well. I have had God speak to me about my children and specific needs they were experiencing on more than one occasion. He would direct me to spend some extra time with them or show me that we needed to pull away as a family and take a break.

Over the years, we developed a pattern of flow that helped our family manage our life together and stay refreshed. Your family pattern may not look anything like ours, but having a pattern you stick with will guarantee you’re living your priorities.

Watch for next week’s blog where I’ll share the “personal protection plan” that has worked for me, and my family, over the years.

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