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Healing Hurting Hearts is a Movement

We are a movement who have hearts to pursue more of what matters for our lives, and to share this with others. We glorify God and enjoy His presence. Our hearts are to rescue people because we have been rescued. Because Jesus is our hero, we awaken the heroes within us and reach out to the hurt, lost, lonely, addicted, abused, sick, heartbroken and broke to put them in front of Jesus to be made whole.

Drenda Keesee Ministries

Where Your Donations Go

Leadership and Mentorship Through Events Across the World

Rescue Women and Children from Sex Abuse and Slavery

Activism for Women and Children Globally

Needs for the Poor and Overlooked

Equip Men and Women to Lead, Provide, and Protect Life and Liberty

Set Up Safe, Loving Home Environments

Through our transition homes we offer spiritual and physical support for people at risk due to broken family systems and relationships and financial hardships.

Reach and Mentor the Next Generation in Kingdom Principle for Life

Together, We Are

Healing Hurting Hearts

When we give generously, we receive so much more than what we give. Not only do we store up treasure in heaven, we receive the grace to prosper.

How to Get Involved

Aubrey’s House

  • Provides services to women experiencing physical, emotional, and financial hardships
  • Provided temporary housing for girls overcoming addiction
  • Provides temporary housing to pregnant and single moms and their children
  • Periodically houses groups designed for support, encouragement, and personal development

Michael’s House

  • Provides transitional housing for families who have experienced emotional, financial, or unexpected hardships
  • Provided weekly mentorship and action goals to assist residents in personal growth and practical next steps

Partnership With Other Healing Organizations

Provide support to assist with translation of resources, provide meals, housing, and clothing, end sex trafficking, participate in crusades to share the kingdom message, as well as hosting conferences to mentor leaders, and build churches and schools through our physical presence and or financial partnership with:

International Pastoral Support

Providing financial support for Pastors in Africa, Albania, and England to do the work of full-time ministry in their nation

Project Southeast Asia

  • Translation of resources into Cambodian and Vietnamese
  • Hosting leadership conferences and events to provide practical and spiritual mentorship to leaders in Cambodia and Vietnam

“Life is better when we do life together”


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