Sure We Can! One Easy Way You Can Accomplish Remarkable Things – Part Two

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Last week, I started talking about how we choose what kind of followers we’re going to be. You can read Part One here.

So what part will you play? Will you say, “Sure we can!” when you’re asked to do something you don’t necessarily like to do?

You know, the disciples did some great things, but they started out paying taxes, getting a donkey for Jesus, ushering the people, finding food, rowing boats, and handling logistics.

The disciples served the mission.

The real measure of success isn’t personal gain; it’s obedience to God’s mission.

You and I get to choose whether or not we’re going to come under the mission and follow a man or woman of God into our destinies.

Many times we’re asked to do things that don’t look like they have anything to do with our destinies
…to test our hearts
…to see if we’ll say yes
…to show our motives
…to help us learn to give
…to serve
…or to love when we don’t feel like it.

It might not be your passion, but if it’s God’s passion, we should say yes.

God has given us all an opportunity to serve a man of God. God has given him a vision and a mission, and all of our destinies are connected to that mission. How we serve that mission will determine how we rise.

Nehemiah was one example of a man who took God’s mission personally. When he found out what had been happening to his brethren, he mourned. Then, he took responsibility. He was a leader; he was the king’s cupbearer. He couldn’t have been in that position had he not already been faithful.

If you’re not faithful in your position at McDonald’s, you won’t get promoted to the next assignment. Being good followers helps our leaders be good leaders.

While Nehemiah was being faithful to the king, there were a few people who were being faithful to Nehemiah. Those are the people he took with him on his mission.

Nehemiah provided the mission, but the people had to do something too. They had to say, “Sure we can!” They had to put their hands to the plow. And, no sooner had they started, their enemies started to rise up against them. Then, Nehemiah’s own brethren tried to tear them down. But they didn’t let the criticism stop them. Nehemiah positioned the people. They had to learn to be warriors and workers at the same time.

In chapter seven, all of the names of the people who came under Nehemiah’s vision are listed. They were willing to lay their lives down, work around the clock, warring and working. In chapter eight, it says all of the people gathered together “as one man.” They had unified themselves around the mission.

It was beautiful. For years, the city had been lying in ruin. But because one man was willing to answer the cause, and because the people joined him, everything changed. They completed the mission.

Our leaders need our support. They need likeminded people to undergird them and keep them lifted.

If you’ve been called to a mission, you shouldn’t tear any piece of it down. Leaders make mistakes. Forgive them. Remember that they’re not perfect or invincible. They have fears and struggles, and they face burdens. They need godly men and women who are willing to take the helm with them and say, “Sure we can! We’re behind you! We’re going to do this thing together!”

So, be a great support minister. Be loyal. Have a great attitude. Don’t gossip or align yourself against what God is doing. Have a servant’s heart, communicate good things, multiply yourself in others, sow into others, and show integrity, wisdom, confidentiality, and professionalism. Be faithful, enthusiastic, growth-oriented, and self-motivated.

Remember, every part of the mission is valuable. It’s all part of the big picture. It’s all part of His design and plan.

You can reach your destiny by following.

Work together to build God’s Kingdom!

God doesn’t look at your life and see what you can accomplish on your own, but what you can accomplish with Him, and with a team.

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