Woman of the Year 2019

Your Nominees

We are better together! The Woman of the Year is a woman whose story and lifestyle is an inspiration to others. She is a woman who has overcome adversity, pushed through tribulation, or pressed past life circumstances—with joy! Check out the 2019 Woman of the Year Nominees below. May their stories, their faith, and their undying hope in Jesus Christ encourage you that God is GOOD!

Deborah Landers: Compassion in the Chaos

Carrie Leggett nominated her mother, Deborah, for Woman of the Year. Carrie shares how her mother is incredibly understanding. Carrie was experiencing some difficulties, and Deborah opened her home to Carrie and her son. Listen as Carrie shares about the love she received from her mother when she needed it the most.

Jana Hochstetler: Joy In the Journey

As a single mother of a toddler, Jana rearranged her life to help care for her mother in the midst of a health crisis. As Lorene Hochstetler stated, “[Jana] looked at the possibilities. She went from faith to faith.” Trying circumstances didn’t douse Jana’s joy. Listen as her mother and friends share how God’s love released joy in Jana’s life.

Frances Crockett: Forgiveness and Faith

Frances is a woman of selflessness and strength. Her daughter, Onyx Molden, shares how her mother’s steadfast faith in the Word of God is an inspiration, and regardless of the trial or tribulation, Frances chooses to forgive. Listen as Onyx and Frances share the importance of trusting God.

Irene Pakhridnov: Family Comes First

Irene is a wife, mother, sister, and friend. She had four children in four years. When she was pregnant with the fourth, the Lord advised her to stop working away from home. The transition was not easy, but listen as her sister, Yana, and her sister-in-law, Ileana Ruiz, share what an inspiration and source of wisdom Irene has been for them and the family!

2019 Woman Of The Year Winner!

Michelle Hanna: Addict to Adoration

Michelle Hanna is a single mother who struggled with drug addiction. Hopeless, hurting, and homeless, Michelle looked to drugs to fill the void in her soul. Until she met a friend who introduced her to the love of God and brought her to Faith Life Church. God set Michelle free from her addiction! Now, she lifts her hands in freedom and adoration to King Jesus! Listen as Michelle shares her story of divine turnaround!

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