Do You Have the Courage for Increase?

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By Gary Keesee

I think that Christians get confused sometimes. We look for things to be easy. But God never said things would be easy; He just said all things are possible.

See, the way you’re living life right now has capped your ability to expand and move on. You’re living, right now, at your level of capacity, and for that to change, you must change.

Change isn’t pleasant. Change deals with weakness. We have to deal with ourselves. We have to deal with our weaknesses, the circumstances, and other people, and, quite frankly, it’s not necessarily easy. A lot of people don’t have the courage for change, or the fortitude for it, simply because they don’t understand the reward of it. Change is going to be uncomfortable. There’s going to be some chaos involved.

You’re going to have to get unsettled with yourself, and you’re going to have to be unsettled with your circumstances. You’ve got to begin to say, “Well, you know, why *do *I live with that? Why do I put up with this?” So, change will be unsettling.

Success is a series of uncomfortable decisions.

Uncomfortable, tough decisions are required for success. It WILL get worse before it gets better. Look at the Israelites. God had a specific destiny for them. He sent them out of the land of slavery into a land flowing with milk and honey, a place that He created for them live in, dwell in, occupy.

They had an assignment and a purpose. So do you. You have a place that God is leading you to. All the events of your life, the way you have been created, your thinking, your creativity, your personality—all of it was designed by God for your destiny. You’re on the road to that place. You have to recognize the place, but most Christians miss their destiny because they stay at the Red Sea experience.

The Red Sea experience is when you’re born again and you celebrate, but then you stop. You stop and say, “Hey, praise God, brother. How are you doing? I’m doing great! It’s awesome we’re saved.”

But WHY are you saved? And why are you still here? If being saved was just about going to heaven, then why are you still here? There must be a reason. There must be a place God has destined you to dwell, a place of occupation that He wants His government represented in.

After the Red Sea came the Jordan River. The same Spirit of God that blasted apart the Red Sea blasted the Jordan River apart. Why? It wasn’t for deliverance this time. It was for conquest, territory, and occupation!

So, for the believers that think that everything is supposed to be easy, you better blow that theology out of the water! God is trying to push you into the land of giants and walled cities! He’s saying, “Here you go! Bam!”

The water parts and there you are, by faith, taking it on. You long for your own land. You long for your destiny. That’s the promise, but it comes by faith.

So, where are you called to be? Where are you created to dwell? What needs to change for you to get there?

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