Do You Know Your Potential? How to Discover Your Identity

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There was a time many years ago, when my oldest daughter, Amy, needed a dress to wear for a church production. But she didn’t need just any dress; no, it had to be a red, black, and white dress. And, of course, I had had plenty of trouble finding that specific of a dress, so there we were trying to shop for it the day before she needed to wear it.

After a day of shopping with the three children I had at the time, I was worn out, and I didn’t know where I was going to find this dress for the next morning. We had been to every store in our area.

It was 11:00pm, and I was desperate.

I drove to the open-24-hours, “buy-everything-here” store. Once inside, we headed for the girls’ department when I remembered that our dog needed food, so we veered off to the grocery section, where I threw a 50-pound bag of dog food on the bottom rack of my now full cart, with the kids in tow noisily playing around and on the cart.

That’s when it happened.

The bag of dog food somehow caught the edge of one of the cart’s wheels and burst open, shooting nearly all 50 pounds of dog food onto the floor. I instructed Amy to wait with the two boys while I found help to clean up the mess.

When I returned quickly with the late-night department manager, I was completely shocked and embarrassed to find my lively three-year-old son running down the aisle and sliding in the dog food. There were little balls of dog food everywhere.

People were standing around watching him have the time of his life, but they weren’t laughing! I just know they were thinking the same thing I had thought many times before: “What is a mother and her three children doing out after midnight?”

We finally found “the dress,” and were leaving the store. That’s when my son Tim accidentally hit me with the second cart he was pushing behind me. It knocked me flat on my back. I lay there on the floor seeing stars, and everything in the store seemed to go silent. I pulled it together and ran out of the store as quickly as I could.

Looking back at this now, I can easily laugh, and you probably are too.

I’m sure you can probably relate to this story on some level.

Because we all have crazy, chaotic days—or nights—when we’re in the trenches and barely coping with the day-to-day pressures with our children, our jobs, our marriages, our finances, or anything else that’s going on.

But I want to remind you that God created you for something special; He created you to make a difference.

As you look at God, at His word, and at what He says about you, you’ll discover your identity in Him instead of in your performance or in your lack of performance; you’ll discover that you are loved, accepted, and forgiven.

Then, you’ll be empowered to do things not through your own strength, but through Him and His strength.

Because your life isn’t about what you can accomplish on your own, or what you don’t believe you can accomplish at all, but about what you can accomplish with God.

Discover who you are in Christ and what you and God can do together! Get empowered, equipped, and recharged to reach your potential and become the woman God created you to be. Request your copy of Drenda’s life-changing teaching Awaken now.

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