Have You Had It All Wrong? This is a Promise.

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For years, I’ve heard Christians say, “I believe God is going to heal me,” or “I’m waiting on God to heal me.” I had probably even said those very things myself.

But we had it wrong.

The promise of healing is everywhere in the Word of God.

It is God’s will for everyone to be healed.

God isn’t sitting up in heaven trying to decide if He’s going to heal you. He’s already willing. He’s already chosen it.

Isaiah 53:5 says that by His wounds, His stripes, we ARE healed.

You can be healed.

It’s not God’s will for you to be sick, and He doesn’t use sickness or disease to teach you something. That’s a lie from the author of lies—the devil.

Sickness and disease are not from God. Jesus didn’t pray to God asking if it was His will to heal people; He didn’t beg God to heal people; He rebuked the infirmities because they were from the devil; and He healed ALL.

Now, that’s not saying that we can’t open the door to the enemy to affect our lives. Sometimes it’s our fault. You might be doing something to affect your health. Maybe you’re eating something you shouldn’t be eating or you’re not getting enough rest. Or maybe there is sin in your life that you haven’t addressed.

If we look at what Jesus said—specifically in Luke 5—we see it firsthand. What did Jesus say when He saw the guy lowered through the roof? He said, “Friend your sins are forgiven.” And He got some grief for it. Why did He say that? Because Jesus knew that sin gives sickness a legal entrance into our lives. He knew that sin cuts us off from the power of God and without the power we can’t get the promises—and healing is a promise.

God told the nation of Israel that if they did what was right before Him that He would not bring any of the diseases on them that He brought on the Egyptians. Ephesians tells us that the same power—to heal—that was in Jesus lives in us. We see in Psalms that He sent His Word and healed them—that He rescued them from the grave. Acts tells us that Jesus went around healing ALL.

The promise of healing is everywhere in the Word of God.

But you have to enforce the promise.


First, you have to deal with yourself. Our natural mind wants to see, but we know faith is the evidence of things *not *seen. So you have to really get that the Word of God has the power to bring to pass what it says and know that you know that you know that when you have faith for what the Word says, you enact a spiritual law that brings it into existence.

You won’t see until you have faith when you can’t see it.

Luke 10:19 says, “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”

You make the choice. Feed on the Word of God. Make sure you’re thinking right.

Next, you need to make sure you’re in right standing. Don’t allow offense in your life. Keep yourself from unforgiveness—of both others and of yourself—gossip, jealousy, and envy. Be wise to the many tools and tactics of the enemy.

Do you have some work to do? Ask God if you’re the problem. Read healing Scriptures and write them down. Get just one that you can anchor your faith to and read it, out loud, constantly. Find someone who has faith to pray for you—someone that believes what the Bible says about healing. And stop accepting every diagnosis and the names that doctors give you and the prophecies they tell you about diseases in your body—the Word of God supersedes all of it.

It’s God covenant—it’s your legal right—to be healed. You can resist sickness! You don’t have to take it! You can be healed!

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