How to Prioritize Your Life for Success

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One of the number one questions I get asked is how I balance my work, marriage, family, and personal life. 

I’m not surprised! One of the biggest struggles as a mother is prioritizing your time! It can be difficult to balance time with your children, invest in your marriage, enjoy personal pursuits, and find time with God. As a mother, how can you manage it all? “Nobody is too busy; it’s just a matter of priorities.” —Anonymous

This is where so many parents miss it! They lose sight of their priorities, and in turn, their lives turn to chaos.

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1. God First.

God should be your and your family’s number one priority. No matter what. 

Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” I had the honor of leading many of my children to the Lord by sharing God’s love and plan for salvation with them. I tried to teach them Scriptures each week and help them learn about God. We attended church every week so they could learn more about God and loving His church. I realized early on that if we consistently put sporting events or ballet classes in front of God and attending church, we’re demonstrating that as a priority over God to our children.

2. Respect for Your Spouse.

Love and respect for your spouse is the priority next to God. A lot of parents miss this because they place their children over their marriages. When you place your children over the health of your marriage, you actually damage both in the long run! 

Your marriage lays a foundation for your children.

Whether you respect your spouse or you talk negatively about them lays a foundation for your children. If you’re undermining your spouse’s authority or disrespecting them in front of your kids, you can expect the same behavior from your children toward your spouse, yourself, and other people in authority. The example you set in your marriage demonstrates to your children what they should look for in a marriage of their own.

Ask yourself: What kind of foundation do I want to set through my marriage?

3. Honor Family.

When Gary and I went into ministry, I had a wrong perception about where the family fit. I saw so many ministry families in shambles, and I thought that ministry meant sacrificing time with my children. I prayed, “God, I want to serve you through ministry, but I can’t give up my children.” I’ll never forget what God told me. “I never asked you to.” When you realize how sacred your family is to God, you understand how important it is that you fight for your family.

God wants you to fight for your family—it’s biblical!

He created your family to bless you, not to curse you. God loves families, and He wants to work through them to change nations, as He did with Abraham’s family, Noah’s family, and Mary and Joseph’s family! Family is a powerful thing. That’s why Satan hates families, and that’s why you have to protect your family time!


In a world that has traded the ability to mentor children God’s way for a world of fast-paced instant gratification, we need real answers to the struggles we face as parents. In my book The New Vintage Family: A Vintage Look for the Modern-Day Family, learn to use the four pillars of family, to effectively communicate, and to fit the pieces of family mentorship, business, and home life together for success!

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