Payment Chip in Your Hand: Are You Ready for What’s Coming?

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Revelation 13:16–17 are a series of verses that every Christian who has ever read the esteemed writings of John, the apostle knows all too well. The verse that prophesies the “mark of the beast,” a symbol or technology that a person will require, either on their left hand or their forehead, in order to buy or sell in the beast’s kingdom… a kingdom of flesh, death, destruction, and every carnal desire a person could ever have.

With so many other signs of the end times presenting themselves more and more openly every day, people can’t help but question when the final piece will fall into place. When the puzzle will finally be completed. When the Antichrist will finally step onto his pedestal built of sand and showcase his “mark” to the world. Some even doubt that we’re facing down the devil’s final “master plan” when faced with the absence of the mark, not realizing it’s been hidden in the shadows for as long as technology has been advancing. Don’t believe me? Here are the facts, warriors! Time to be on guard and keep our eyes peeled, because the times are telling, and we’re being told it’s time to pick up our swords of the Spirit and fight! And the start of the fight can be found not here in our own country but across the oceans with a British-Polish banking firm, Walletmor.

Walletmor isn’t likely a name that a lot of people are well acquainted with, but the company very well might be helping with the beginning of the end, intentionally or not. The most recent advances were made a year back when they became the first company to offer an electronic banking chip for sale, a banking chip that is implanted underneath the skin of the user and acts exactly like many chipped debit/credit cards do.

It’s something that Patrick Paumen showcases every day in his life since having a microchip injected under his skin, specifically his left hand, when he underwent a “procedure [that] hurts as much as when someone pinches your skin.” Just by placing his hand near a contactless scanner, he’s able to pay and walk away. He can leave behind the inconvenience of having to carry a wallet or any other form of payment on him.

This is not only an obvious antecedent of what could someday be but is also yet another leg up in the cashless society the Antichrist will rely on so heavily.

And while this threat is here, and encroaching, some people will insist that it’s a world away and that no such thing would ever be successful in the U.S. However, even in the most “Christian” country in the world, advancements are being made and fast, evident even in our own grocery stores.

Whole Foods is a place plenty of people shop at regularly. With their fresh produce and freshly made products, they’re an option a lot of people tend to flock to in a world riddled with added components and ingredients you can’t even pronounce. But head on over to their self-checkout, and a new option outside of cash or card has appeared. Located right next to each till, a device that can scan the palm of an individual and pull up their Amazon or Whole Foods’ account has taken root.

With a simple wave, the checkout can identify a customer, their purchases, and their common forms of payment and log it all into their shopping history, all without the customer ever having to reach into their purse, wallet, or pocket. It’s so simple, right? It’s all automated and really saves time! Those are the exact ploys so many people continue to gravitate toward nowadays—the exact ploys our enemy loves so much.

The enemy is not dumb. The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV), “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” Lions are intelligent creatures. They stalk prey, sometimes for hours at a time just for a clear opening. The devil is doing what he does best, lying in wait to take the unsuspecting world bit by bit, piece by piece.

Do not be dismayed, though, because he is easily defeatable, especially if you have the armor of God polished and ready to withstand the war. Be sure to have your belt of truth at the ready, so that when these advances come along, you’re not easily wooed or swayed like the world is. Stay on guard, pray, and—most of all—be ready to fight like heaven!

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