Yes, It’s Still The Greatest Country in the World

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By Gary Keesee

If I asked you to give me one word that describes the United States of America, what would it be?

It should be ‘FREEDOM.’

Yes, I know America has problems, but it’s still the greatest country in the world. We are a blessed people. We have choices. We can dream of our futures.

We are free.

We talk about the problems we have in America, but you don’t hear stories about people fighting or boarding ships to get into other countries.

It’s the freedom they want.

See, this great country was established with a government that gave people a right to express themselves freely, to create with unlimited potential. The founders of this great nation designed it based on *freedom*, which they believed was God’s right for man.

The concepts and ideas they used to build America were based on the Bible.

And we’ve created. Boy, have we created. Americans have invented and produced incredible things—the telephone, the artificial heart, the sewing machine, computers, the Internet, zippers, tractors, the radio, hearing aids, air conditioning, the Polio vaccine, lasers, CDs, microwave ovens, space shuttles…the list goes on and on. We talk about other nations, but there has never been a people and a nation as productive as the U.S.

That’s your country. That’s America. Because America is free.

We are free to create, and dream dreams, and impact the world.

Of course nations aren’t born freely. People gave their lives for the birth of the United States of America, and more than 1.2 million men and women have given their lives to defend our rights and freedoms.

They went before us. They gave us the chance to be free today.

And, we’re still free. But we have a problem. We’re at a crossroads. America is in a crisis. What makes America great is being lost.

We have a heart problem. We’ve developed an entitlement mentality.

In the depression, people traveled the country looking for a job. Today, people travel to the nearest government office looking for a handout. People now look at the government as their answer. In fact, 60% of our adult population is receiving some sort of government assistance each month.

We’ve grown to depend on other people instead of ourselves.

We’ve come to depend on government instead of God.

America wasn’t founded that way. She was founded on the beliefs that you could produce your own future, you could *own* your future, you could build it as big as you wanted to, and you could change your family’s future.

Our country was designed to give you options and choices and opportunities to pursue happiness, to guarantee your freedom to make those choices.

This nation wasn’t born by a piece of paper; it was born by blood. People had to take a stand for righteousness and for freedom.

So many Americans don’t know our history let alone the price we’ve paid for freedom—to have the freedom to choose where they go, and what they do, and where they work.

We must stop taking it for granted.

If that’s been you, repent. Change your thinking.

Remember that people have given their lives for your freedom. Don’t take it for granted. Research it, and then show your appreciation by passing it on. Help educate those younger than you. Remind them of the price of liberty. Teach them that freedom has a price. Demonstrate righteousness. Rally around what made this country great. There are people all around the world who would trade places with you IN THIS COUNTRY in a heartbeat!

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. – II Chronicles 7:14

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