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Her fire never loses its flame!

The Happy Life Women’s Conference last month was AMAZING! 🙌

I want to thank all the ladies who attended. It was unlike any other conference before—an amazing three-day encounter with God that genuinely took you from surviving to thriving! It was the perfect opportunity to get away and get refreshed! 

We had LOTS of laughter, food, and power-packed teaching… plus, as always, there were some super fun, secret surprises! There was also the opportunity to shop unique vendors, purchase helpful resources, fellowship with other women, and much more! 

I love this story Ginny sent in after the conference–it is so powerful! 

“This was my first year attending The Happy Life Conference. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but requested that God meet me there. I belong to a church family, but I’ve been feeling empty for some time. I came to The Happy Life Conference in a spiritual drought. I was completely broken and distraught. After this weekend’s love encounter, I left with my cup overflowing and my spirit restored! Thank you so much, Pastor Drenda, for your obedience to your calling! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment––every warm welcoming, the ice cream & snacks, and the royal treatment at the afterglow spa party. It was so worth it! The teachings were so rich,  and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon me was so cleansing. I am forever blessed to have attended. Thank you and many blessings upon you!”

Thank you so much, Ginny, for sharing this with us!

The Happy Life Women’s Conference was about leaning into the Holy Spirit and allowing our souls to rest in His everlasting love. Sometimes, we need to take a step back from the battles that we are fighting all around us and trust God with them, so we can rest in Him.

💦Are you ready to step into the water and get refreshed? 💦

It was an incredible honor and a privilege to host guest speaker Elizabeth Shreve for the Thursday night session. She urged us to be like the Samaritan woman and leave our water pots. Jesus is at the well, offering us living water—all we have to do is accept it. We no longer need to be defined by our past, our shame, or other people’s opinions—we can leave our water pots, drink His living water, and never thirst again!

On Friday morning, Amy shared in “The Gospel According to a Pop-Tart” that when the fire of the Holy Spirit comes on us, 

it lights us up from the inside out. Just like a Pop-Tart, we need to unravel the wrapper and be put into the fire (a.k.a. the toaster). There we can receive the Holy Spirit so others can smell the pleasing aroma or sense the presence of God. In her take on Elijah at Mount Carmel, she urged us to leave behind the things of this world, or the baggage that keeps us from God. You need to be on fire for the Holy Spirit! Jesus has called us to be different, and to be the light. 

Polly and Kirsten’s Saturday morning message, #Unfiltered, ignited so much joy within us, and we got to

 experience the awesomeness of MOCHI! They shared how the best moments in life come from when you’re raw and real. Rock your messy bun, bright lipstick, and big earrings so you can own the crazy and embrace where you’re at! 

Friday afternoon, we were in stitches! 🤣🤣🤣Pastor Sarah Traylor led us all through an incredible panel discussion. From superpowers to priorities, dating advice to most embarrassing moments, we truly had a great ab workout after lunch! 


On Friday night, we received a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit fire as I shared, “She Plays with Fire!” Let go of the past, because when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive POWER! His wisdom and strategies will guide you through every situation––your days, your families, your businesses. With His presence upon us, miracles happen and lives are changed! 

Say yes to the Holy Spirit, to His presence, His anointing. Play with fire so that God’s glory can be revealed. For He is GOOD! 🔥

We have the VICTORY! 

The victory is already ours in Christ Jesus. Yes, we are in warfare, but Satan can’t touch us! Put on your armor—it’s time to rise up! There is MORE! Find your Elizabeth and your Mary, and see the VICTORY! 

Saturday afternoon, I was able to pray over all the young women attending the conference, and the move of the Holy Spirit was so amazing! I want to thank everyone who played a role in making this year’s encounter a success! 

We also announced The Happy Life Conference 2019 Woman of the Year! The Woman of the Year is an incredible woman whose story and lifestyle is an inspiration to others. She is a woman who has overcome adversity, pushed through tribulation, or pressed past life circumstances––with joy! Our 2019 Woman of the Year is Michelle Hanna. Michelle’s story of transformation is truly remarkable! Watch her full story here!

I also want to encourage you to check out the 2019 Woman of the Year Nominees! May their stories, their faith, and their undying hope in Jesus Christ encourage you that God is GOOD!

I pray that through this conference you were refreshed by the water, refueled by the fire, and rejuvenated as the winds of revival blew. 

Remember, VICTORY IS ALREADY YOURS! Let’s play with fire! 🔥🔥🔥

P.S. – Mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss The Happy Life Conference 2020 with special guest Cathy Duplantis, coming October 15-17 to Faith Life Church! For more information, go to You’ll get 30% off your registration price if you sign up NOW!

Plus, we want to encourage every woman and girl to join a Happy Life Group. In Happy Life Groups, you can get connected with other women who are walking the same journey you are! Happy Life women are meeting all over the world in groups through chat, shared curriculum, monthly webinars, and through social groups! 

And, if you want to step out even more, feel free to sign up to Lead a Happy Life Group! Leading a Happy Life Group will get you out of your comfort zone, help you make new friends, and do life together! God has called all of us to live in community. By leading a Happy Life Group, we can step into this calling and press forward into the good life that God has for us!

There is a better way than what the culture tells us about happiness. There are all kinds of ideas out there, and yet people, especially women, are more unhappy today than ever. That’s because the culture hasn’t found the “real key” to happiness. Demanding our way or blaming our frustration on others can only leave us as victims or as unfulfilled and self-centered. 

At The Happy Life, we’ll help you find that balance and discover the principles of success that work! Here we’ve created a space and set up support to help you grow and become your happiest self. 

We call it your “happy place in God,” where you’re receiving and giving life-giving principles from the truth that apply to everyday life. It’s here you’ll find power-packed curriculums, videos, and specific content to help you in every area of YOUR life. And we’re adding new content every day!

We are better together! 

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